• 2023 Spring and summer fabric trend
    2023 Spring and summer fabric trend
    Outdoor series is suitable for consumers who love outdoor sports. It is based on functionality with a variety of interesting designs to achieve both simple and interesting effects. The series aims to explore nature in depth while following convention. #HJ317WR Medium thick, slightly wrinkled cloth style, but there is a touch of cotton, and elastic, is a function and texture of both fabric. #FP6408 TSD's unique design and processing of the cavity, a high permeability effect, and elastic, a wide range of applications. 2 Can ENHANCE | assign Key words: science and technology, personality Mainly for science and technology art series, dream series. The art of Science and Technology series attempts to emphasize the unique value of human beings through exaggerated silhouettes of styles and the use of new technologies. Fantasy series shows the strange fantasy world with strange nature as the main, this exquisite and elegant fantasy style, very suitable for the fairies. #6175WR The fabric feels delicate, soft and slightly twill style, with excellent elasticity, water pressure resistance and moisture permeability. Is a very typical technology personality fabric. #3406N Fabric transparent natural draping, the surface of dazzling pearl light, feel soft waxy. The selection of renewable materials combined with new technology shows the contemporary people's yearning for fantasy. 3 GRACE | charm Key words: materialism, create value Mainly for the niche series. The niche collection is aimed at understatement luxury essentialist groups who seek authenticity and are willing to promote a low-spending lifestyle. #TX069D The thick fabric, cotton touch, skin-friendly, under the premise of ensuring classic style, create multi-dimensional extension of functions. #40116WR The fabric feels fine, and the different color yarns create metallic luster on the surface. The special texture style highlights the difference. 4 OUTBURST | burst Key words: dreamer, transformation Mainly for fun series. The fun series is aimed at individualistic dreamers who are deeply influenced by the street culture of the 90's, love different cultures, love to explore the colorful world and pursue non-sexism. #TE4676 The fabric is soft, comfortable and elastic, with fine lattice effect on the surface and strong moisture absorption and quick drying performance. #3725WR Transparent lattice surface, as thin as cicada wing, feel smooth, with strong anti-splashing performance.
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  • Fabric | women yoga clothing fabric trends
    Fabric | women yoga clothing fabric trends
    Comfort and recycled fabrics will be more important in spring/summer 2021. On the basis of adaptability, functionality will become more and more prominent. In the search for optimized technologies and innovative fabrics, consumers are again demanding more personalized, environmentally sustainable fabrics. Fabric applications for spring/summer 2021 yoga, Pilates and other sports will appear in a more durable and practical design way. Functional knitting, matt light drying, environmentally friendly recycled polyester fabrics provide all-round health benefits for creating tights, underlaying and other close-fitting styles for stretching, meditation, recovery training and other sports. Functional knitting Knitted yarns exhibit high comfort and temperature control in a variety of configurations. Seamless design improves comfort and reduces friction. Consider adding recycled wool or Merino wool to the yarn to enhance the fabric's cross-season performance. Gloss plain stretch fabric Huopeng leads the companion to show off the clear throat, sings a wan Zhuan song, and the breeze and water should be. The cowboy's piccolo on the back of the cow was ringing all day long. Dumb light dry The matte surface is more breathable and quick-drying, making it more suitable for daily wear. Focusing on the ultimate support, the streamlined splicing can stabilize muscles, prevent injury and help recovery. Mercury texture For women's sportswear, mercury metallic color is suitable for the whole body modeling transformation and update, or as a small area splicing and ornament and other more commercial applications. Consider using more elastic fitting fabric to create a seamless design, which can greatly enhance the avant-garde shape of clothing. Mesh maximization The mesh structure is enduring in yoga fitness clothes. With a larger area of mesh to create the appearance of the whole splicing, not only can highlight the charm of sports women, but also can achieve the effect of sweating and breathable to a greater extent. Environmentally friendly recycled polyester With 42 | 54 Sport, Adidas by Stella McCartney indoor sports brand, for example, polyester has been more and more used in market, recycling reshape products prospective is: The garment industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, and while advocating environmental sustainability, the move could make consumers rethink their relationship with their products. It is worth mentioning that the exploration of biodegradable fabrics has opened up new opportunities for limited styles and collaborative collaborations.
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  • 【 Fabric class 】 Win! There is a temperature of the main section | Sunshine SOLOTEX elastic insulation fabric
    【 Fabric class 】 Win! There is a temperature of the main section | Sunshine SOLOTEX elastic insulation fabric
    SS22 China International Fashion Week, which lasted for 11 days, has drawn to a close. During this period, designers with excellent works impact the boundary, narrative imagination, pay tribute to aesthetics, but also let the audience into the show can feel the magnificent charm of fashion in the most direct way. For designers, besides the design itself, the choice of fabric is also crucial for a good garment. The right choice of fabric can get twice the result with half the effort. As a famous wool textile enterprise in China, over the years, jiangsu Sunshine Group's fabric trend theme, color foresight, fabric elaboration and so on have become the fashion guiding signs of major clothing brands, and have an increasingly in-depth influence on the trend of domestic fashion. "SOLOTEX®THERMO", a new evolutionary fabric with comfort and high grip force, is launched by sunshine professional wear this season. Comfort and temperature coexist. With the development of social economy and the continuous rise of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, especially for the performance of all kinds of products have higher requirements. And the improvement of product performance, usually from the improvement of material performance. All the time, sunshine professional clothing adhering to the people-oriented concept, launched in line with the current demand for new technology and new products, and strive to improve the quality of life of consumers. About the "SOLOTEX ®" "SOLOTEX®THERMO", as the main fabric product of this period of sunshine professional wear, has the characteristics of softness, extensibility, color rendering and buffering that traditional fabrics such as polyester fiber, polyurethane fiber and nylon fiber do not have. What's more, some of the polymers that make up SOLOTEX® fibers use plant-based materials, up to 37% of the total polymer, thus reducing the consumption of new petrochemical resources and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Sun fabric pays attention to environmental protection from the beginning of material selection, and is committed to environmental protection of the earth. Due to its many excellent characteristics, "SOLOTEX®" has been widely used in fashion, professional wear, sportswear, underwear and other clothing fields as well as industrial materials. The picture SOLOTEX ® THERMO Excellent wrinkle resistance and stability SOLOTEX®THERMO fabric is characterized by its superior wrinkle resistance and form stability (similar to today's memory metal materials). When pressed by heavy weight, it will form fewer wrinkles than ordinary polyester fibers and cotton. What's more, SOLOTEX®THERMO is almost completely flat after a simple wrinkle removal, such as smoothing wrinkles by hand. ▲ Left is SOLOTEX fiber, right is ordinary polyester fiber Good wearing comfort with soft feel, maintain the shape of beautiful contour reduction, just t...
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  • Elastic fabric
    Elastic fabric
    Stretch fabric, outdoor sports fabric: good stretch surface The material continuously promotes the convenient, fast and effective protection of muscle strength consumption in outdoor activities. The elasticity of the fabric keeps the clothing synchronized with the movement rhythm, and gives greater play to the ability of human beings to break through the limit on the basis of protecting the body surface. Chinese name elastic fabric Foreign names Stretchfabric Type outdoor sports fabric Good scalability of features Protects the muscles from exertion during stretching Waterproof fabric keeps outside rain from penetrating Outdoor sports fabric: the good elasticity of the fabric constantly promotes the convenience and speed of outdoor activities, and effectively protects the strength consumption of muscles during stretching. The elasticity of the fabric keeps the clothing synchronized with the movement rhythm, and gives greater play to the ability of human beings to break through the limit on the basis of protecting the body surface. Waterproof fabric: Exercise in different outdoor complex environments Our clothing is in frequent and close contact with water, and we are waterproof Fabric, provide more close-fitting protection for outdoor clothing, prevent the outside rain moisture. Let us exercise more dry, not because of the weather changes affect outdoor travel mood. Mountaineering clothing fabric: develop various specifications of mountaineering clothing fabric, Material design style is novel and unique, elastic, to outdoor mountaineering, rock climbing and leisure sports a better decoration , the fabric can complete the functional performance according to different needs Such as anti-splashing, decontamination, quick drying and so on. Let more experience to our elastic fabric development results.
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  • Fabric | composite fabric is what? What are the pros and cons?
    Fabric | composite fabric is what? What are the pros and cons?
    Composite fabric is to combine two or more fabrics together to produce fabrics, combined the characteristics of this kind of fabric will be a variety of fabrics, composite fabrics mainly used in the clothing and textile industry, it can meet the requirements of those who have the special function of the clothing, the small make up just over the advantages and disadvantages of composite fabrics to introduce this kind of fabric. What is composite fabric? People also called composite fabric adhesive cloth, as the name implies is to bond a variety of cloth together, cloth will be divided into cloth, cloth and film these three parts, and then in the production of hot melt adhesive bonding, the process is more complex and once the error will be re-bonding, Advantages and disadvantages of composite fabric: "Composite" can make the fabric has a variety of characteristics of fabric, fabric is quite broad and durable and generally has a certain elasticity, not only can use it to make some intimate clothing, but also can be used for the production of clothing such as coats. Specific advantages and disadvantages of fabric are determined by the selection of composite materials, the advantages and disadvantages of different materials is different also, of course, the disadvantage of composite fabrics is also very obvious, because it is a variety of cloth together, clothes worn out there might be come unglued or separation, when washing should control the water temperature and pressure, the main air basks in the sun exposure and should not be too long
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  • What are the kinds of functional fabrics for sportswear?
    What are the kinds of functional fabrics for sportswear?
    Sportswear functional fabrics are fabrics made from new yarns with special functions, with some prominent features that are not found in conventional fabrics. Commonly used function yarn has moisture absorption, infrared heat preservation, natural environmental protection, germicidal deodorization, hot drying and other functions. One is the outdoor casual functional fabric, which is defined as the outdoor activities outside the door, such fabrics mainly casual fashion, exquisite workmanship, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, suitable for travel, outdoor activities and so on. Another is outdoor functional fabrics made of clothing, such as mountaineering suits, ski suits, submachine suits, mainly, rugged style, hard feel, extremely demanding product performance, suitable for exploration and use in harsh environments, has a protective effect on people.   Nylon is what we call nylon. Nylon most likely synthetic fabric, is less absorbent and has a moisture return rate of around 0.4%. It feels stuffy and uncomfortable to wear as underwear, and can be used as a raincoat or umbrella but fits perfectly. This is a clever use of nylon for its non-absorbent properties. Nylon is the Chinese name for polyamide fiber, which translates to "resistant" or "nylon." When it comes to nylon, we need to start with its properties. First, nylon is strong, abrasion resistant, the first of all fiber. This is one of the reasons why nylon is used as a raw material for mountaineering suits and winter clothing. Clothing made of nylon is usually durable and not easily worn. Second, nylon fabric is extremely resilient and resilient, but it is prone to deformation under small external forces, so nylon clothing tends to crease during wear, affecting appearance. Third, nylon ventilation poor, easy to generate static electricity. So it is best not to wear nylon based underwear in case of harm to the human body. Fourth, nylon fabric absorbs moisture better in synthetic fabrics, so clothing made from nylon is more comfortable to wear than polyester. Fifth, nylon has good moth-eaten, corrosion resistance, relatively easy to preserve. Sixth, nylon heat and light resistance is not good enough, ironing temperature should be controlled below 140 degrees. Care must be taken to wash and maintain the relevant conditions during wear and use so as not to damage the fabric. Seventh, nylon fabric is a lightweight fabric, in synthetic fiber fabric after nylon, acrylic fabric, so suitable for mountaineering suits, winter clothing, etc..   Spandex has excellent elasticity.  But the strength is 2-3 times higher than latex silk, the thread density is also finer, and more resistant to chemical degradation. Spandex is acid-base resistant, sweat-resistant, saltwater resistant, dry-cleaning resistant and abrasion resistant. polyurethane can be used in clothing that can be stretched to meet comfort requirements. Such as: Profe...
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  • Sustainable materials are coming to market sooner than thought...
    Sustainable materials are coming to market sooner than thought...
    In the 1970s and 1980s, wearing polyester clothes was either the richest man in the village or the flower in the village. Nowadays, wearing petrochemical materials makes me feel guilty inexplicably. Carbon emissions Water pollution Landfill incineration... Sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based materials are gaining momentum While you're still complaining about the market While you're still blaming young people for not being productive While you're still basking in yesterday's accomplishments... You're out. You're out early if you don't admit it Development has always belonged to the pioneers Sustainable development has been a continuous pioneer Sustainable materials lead the future Sustainable leather All leather is a by-product of the food industry to ensure that no animal is killed for leather alone. Most leather is tanned using natural oils and vegetable dyes, which are safer for people and the environment. Banana plant fibre Developed by QWSTION, Bananatex®, the world's first durable waterproof fabric made entirely of banana plant fiber, is a new material with high technical content, which can be widely used in clothing and home furnishment fields. Sustainable fashion covers the comprehensive application of diverse technologies such as humanity, nature, science and business. The global fashion industry is making efforts for the cause of human well-being. Switzerland is undoubtedly the best country in Europe to balance economic development with environmental protection. The concept of "sustainable fashion" has influenced researchers, manufacturers, designers and even consumers in this industry. LaModeenVert Switzerland sustainable fashion exhibition, supported by the Shanghai office of the Swiss cultural foundation, will be held in guangzhou, guangdong province from December 11, 2021 to January 5, 2022. In this event, the Shanghai office of the Swiss Cultural Foundation brought five representative fashion brands to discuss and exchange the future of sustainable fashion between China and Switzerland. The exhibition will comprehensively introduce Switzerland's efforts and achievements in sustainable fashion development in recent years from the perspectives of researchers, manufacturers, designers and consumers. During the exhibition, the organizer "Yunentropy Low Carbon" and the co-organizer "Zhle Art" and "Factory Inspection Home" will integrate various resources from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. At that time, fashion industry association colleges, enterprise brands, inspection institutions, foreign trade factories, designers and artists representatives will gather in Huacheng to promote a sustainable fashion future between China and Switzerland. Explore the development history of sustainable fashion from four dimensions At the same time, another chapter of the exhibition will comprehensively introduce the efforts and achievements made by Switzerland in sustainable fashion development in recent years in the form of pictures and pic...
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  • Fabric | jacquard fabric is what material, what are the characteristics?
    Fabric | jacquard fabric is what material, what are the characteristics?
    In the process of garment production, there are many fabrics to choose from, and different fabrics correspond to different materials and have different functions and characteristics. Jacquard fabric is a relatively common garment fabric nowadays. In order to let everyone have a better understanding of jacquard fabric, this paper will focus on the material and characteristics of jacquard fabric. What is jacquard fabric made of? Jacquard fabrics mainly cotton as raw material, through interlacing process woven fabric, the fabric surface has a concave and convex decorative pattern, the pattern is formed in the weaving process, so this kind of fabric, also known as the jacquard fabric, decorative pattern types can be customized according to the applicable people and use scene, jacquard fabric is because of the light is soft and the love of consumers. What are the features of jacquard fabric 1, jacquard fabric production and processing process is relatively complex, the fabric feels soft and delicate, the color fastness of the fabric is high, so it is not easy to pilling and fading. The elasticity of jacquard fabrics is directly related to the way they are woven. Warp knitted fabrics are not elastic, while weft knitted jacquards are elastic. 2. Jacquard fabric has beautiful patterns and can choose different substrates to weave different patterns. The diversity of styles makes jacquard fabric favored by many fashion people. 3, jacquard fabric is easy to take care of, it is also very comfortable to wear, in addition to the production of clothing, there are also manufacturers for the production of bedding covers, pillowcases and other bedding. How to clean jacquard fabric? Soak the fabric in cold water for about 10 minutes. It is recommended to gently wipe the fabric with neutral detergent. After washing, remove the fabric with a wash and dry it in a cool place.
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